About Us

Who We Are?

Nurture Nature Global came into existence in the year 2016. It is an environment conservation and pro – nature friendly NGO which has its roots in Chandigarh spreading its branches across India. It aims at healing nature and its resources and to provide sustainable livelihoods. It also focuses on mending the orthodox mindset to protect Mother Earth and her children.Nurture Nature aka “NuNu” is made to respect our Mother Earth through hard work, passion and most importantly love for nature!We are born to protect the environment.
God gave us this beauty,
Protecting it must be our prime duty!

What We Have Done Till Now?

Nurture Nature Global has organised one of the biggest event in India in the year 2016, Nurture Nature: Be the Change, Bring the Change. This event was organised in six cities across India.

Nurture Nature Event 2016

  • Plantation Drives
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Cleanliness Drives
  • Go Green Campaigns
  • Seminars
  • Nature Walk in Delhi
  • Competition in Schools
  • Celebrated World Environment Day, 2017 in Delhi & Punjab

Jann Ki Baat

In the light of events happening around us we plan to bring our pilot project ‘JANN KI BAAT’. Jann ki baat is going to be modern version of a Street play where we would like to bring forth the issues faced by common people and noting down their opinions on this prevailing issues and how to be dealt with.

Our Objectives is to bring substantial impact in the society, facilitate one’s abilities to connect with the nature and his/her empowering attributes, healing the nature, jousting and to cope with the problems that our nature suffers with, to promote Ayurvedic Sciences & education and to activate environmental friendly designed lifestyle for people.

“Listen To The Cry Of The Earth”

 Pope Francis