About Us

Nurture Nature Global has been in action from last three years with the sole purpose of protecting the planet, healing the nature and taking care of the Mother Earth.

We make this happen by giving constant attention to what changes are occurring across the globe in relation to our environment, society and economy. With the approach of Whole-of-System view that considers the interaction between these spheres, we develop a strategic planning and programme to address a range of social needs including health & hygiene, social protection, gender equity, climate change and environmental protection, we attempt to alleviate complication in these social needs with a design that specifically works as per the local requirements.

We also focus on generating methods and knowledge that helps to promote the feeling of “Naturehood” among the society that develops a platform for sustainable living and creating a better future.

Our prime goal is to empower the Nature and Mother Earth in order to bring harmony, a sense of responsibility and bringing forward the difference between the utilities & our basic necessities. As we feel we are the part of one big family.

We are working as a non-profit organization, across India and in strategic partnership in Northern Europe and Great Britain, putting the idea of Nature empowerment in the centre and in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, as we believe we cannot as a society prosper and advance until our Mother Earth is protected and taken care of.