“Why should we listen anymore?” Just because the opposition thinks that the local Assamese people would not be a vote bank for them and illegal Bangladeshis would become a vote bank for the opposition. Poor Assam people are being murdered, women are being raped in their own native land. The land of indigenous people have been grabbed .The majority class of Assam have been converted into a clear minority now because of the large number of influx of illegal Bangladeshis. This is being evident from the fact that 15 out of the 33 districts in Assam have lopsided the entire demographic profile, they are the only areas which are surrounding the borders or in vicinity of borders threatening the issue of INTEGRITY, SOVEREIGNTY and NATIONAL SECURITY.

Why an Assamese should watch in front of his eyes, his temple land, agriculture land, his home, his language and culture being lost in his own country? Illegitimate Bangladeshis have crept into our country burnt our homes, agriculture land, murdered our own people and raped our own women. By conservative estimates there are around 10 to 12 million Bangladeshis which have been infiltrated in our country.

Moreover there is chaos which is being spread into every corner of Assam because of the large scale unemployment caused by these infiltrators as they are making use of the porous borders. Stating a very good fact, in district of Dubri the growth rate of children is, annually through decade is 9.8%, which means if there are 100 children in 2001, there will be 110 children in 2011. Now the rate of population is 25%. We assume population grows when children are born, it does not grow when adults crossover the boundaries. It exactly means that extra numbers are illegal Bangladeshis, they have crossed over from Bangladesh to the Dugri district in Assam. That is colossal number of Bangladeshis who are crossing over, have changed the culture and language and have no loyalty for Indians .

Interim Report by Members Committee For Protection of Land Rights of Indigenous People of Assam (Govt. of Assam Report)

This report in its totality justified the causes of Assam accord and Assam movement. This report says:

  • Illegal Bangladeshis work on government land.
  • They have spread to every corner of Assam.
  • They have targeted the Hindu Hotras in Assam.
  • They have illegally infiltrated the voter list.

NRC is a Supreme Court mandate exercise and it is being fully monitored by Supreme Court of India. The Supreme Court of India has also said due to influx of illegal people there is external aggression and internal disturbance in State of Assam. “Our heart is wide open and bleeds for the Rohingyas, for Bangladeshis and Myanmar but our doors are closed in providing justice to the Indigenous people of Assam. We have a right under Foreigner Act of 1956, Section of 32(C) where power is to identify, detain and deport the illegal infiltrators.

Indian Government has not been able to fulfil its responsibility in various contexts which have caused many innocent people lot of hardships.

  • It emerged that the names of many persons were dropped from the draft NRC only because of minor differences in the spelling of Bengali names in English in different documents. We encountered several instances where the variation of a single letter, for example between Omar and Onar, was enough to rule that a person is a foreigner.
  • Even if a person finds her name in the NRC, the police can still refer her case to an FT; an election official can even deem her to be a “D”-voter. Article 20 of the Constitution includes as a fundamental right that “no person shall be prosecuted and punished for the same offence more than once”. But this principle has been waived for FTs. We found that even after an FT had confirmed a person to be an Indian citizen, another FT and often the same FT can again issue notice to the same person to prove her legitimate citizenship once more. A person is never be allowed to feel secure that the state has finally accepted that she is an Indian citizen.

In this way the sword always hang low on the poor people’s head. We have already faced the problem from the aforementioned issues and it is a high time now to take necessary actions to control the problem. While concluding the topic I want to mention that it is not a Muslim or Hindu issue which is being framed by the politicians as such rather it is about preserving our nation’s identity.

Write up by: Larish Setia